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2017 Ford Mustang In-Depth Review: Modernized, Muscular, Athletic

Known as the original pony car—the sporty Ford’s name inspired the segment’s sobriquet, after all—the Mustang has long provided affordable performance, sexy styling, and abundant personalization opportunities. The latest Mustang has athletic moves that more than match its muscular physique. It’s now also more modern than ever, with a superb-handling chassis that rides on an […]

Oi! Turbo! Scuf Gaming Announces Porsche 911 GT2 RS-Inspired Xbox Controller

A couple of years ago, Microsoft partnered with Ford to bring one-off GT40-themed Xbox One controllers to SEMA. Undoubtedly, avid Forza fans with Blue Oval loyalties ached for the things, but they were regrettably left to craft their own with some Tamiya paint and a roll of striping tape. Now Scuf, the aftermarket gaming-peripherals supplier, has […]

Daimler’s First Electric Trucks Take Manhattan, Aim to Supplant Diesel

A pair of 19th-century horse stables served as a backdrop in Manhattan’s East Village as Daimler Trucks unveiled its new electric commercial trucks under the Fuso brand. Just as the horse and buggy was supplanted by motorized carriages—a battle that continues even today— the world’s largest truck manufacturer is hoping its EVs will lead the […]