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New VW surveys inform pandemic response

In January, Volkswagen rolled out a new, simplified customer review process for its U.S. dealerships that dropped numerical ratings in favor of customer-worded answers that is helping guide dealers to respond to COVID-19 concerns.

Mazda's keys: Store image, product lines

New North America President Jeff Guyton is eager to get on with the brand's rollout of new-generation dealerships and the freshly designed CX-30.

Crisis protections create auto fraud risks

Measures taken at the federal level to protect consumers' credit during the COVID-19 pandemic are increasing auto lenders' exposure to fraud, experts say.

Service business shows improvement

Signs are emerging that the worst is over for U.S. dealerships' parts and service business amid the coronavirus pandemic. Still, there's a lot of stress out there.

OBITUARY: Royce Reynolds

Dealership group owner Royce Reynolds died May 6 at age 88.