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Land Rover disappoints

An Automotive News reader says the quality of the Jaguar Land Rover has declined since Tata Motors purchased the company.

Limited run of suicide-door Lincoln Continentals coming next summer

It's an effort by executives to leverage the brand's glory years and spark interest in a vehicle whose U.S. sales have fallen drastically despite re-entering the market just over two years ago.

Hard-Brexit faction shows its ignorance

There are many unhappy factions within the U.K.'s ruling Conservative Party, but the one pushing for the hardest form of Brexit from European Union membership has demonstrably shown the least knowledge of how the U.K.'s car industry works.

Check the record: Automakers do support better fuel economy

Automakers have announced ambitious plans to bring even more electrified models to market. We are driving the marketplace, not reacting to it.

Number to watch: $8.4 billion

Four American steel manufacturers plan an estimated $8.4 billion dollars in expanded production with import tariffs and trade threats rocking the automotive steel market.