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Tearful Elon Musk tells NYT nobody reviewed Tesla funding tweet; SpaceX may help bankroll going-private transaction

Elon Musk said nobody reviewed his tweet about the plan to take Tesla private before he posted it, the New York Times reported, citing an interview in which Musk frequently teared up.

Why Chicago cops are worried about fraudulent car purchases

A flood of vehicles obtained fraudulently and shipped to metro Chicago has prompted police to warn dealers nationwide to exercise extra diligence in verifying the identity of online customers.

Former Key Safety CFO joins Busche Performance Group as CEO

The executive who led Key Safety Systems' push to acquire Takata in a $1.6 billion deal has left the supplier to become the CEO of Busch Performance Group.

Detroit preps for annual automotive Mardi Gras

Detroit's traffic jam/party of the year known as the Woodward Dream Cruise is back for a 24th year with 1.3 million people expected to jam the three-day event.

Is there a 'peak car' era ahead for the auto industry?

The auto industry is accelerating toward a shift that is being dubbed "peak car" -- a time when sales of private vehicles across the West will plateau before making a swift descent.