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Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment


Tire alignment entails fine-tuning the angles of a vehicle’s wheels in such a way they are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground. The process enhances the performance of your tires while giving them longevity. 

While undertaking the task, a technician adjusts the suspension of your vehicle (the suspension is the system which attaches wheels to a vehicle). In addition to that, it is worth noting that for wheel alignment to be successful, the tires’ angles need to be adjusted because this impacts how they interact with the road surface. 

When Is Tire Alignment Needed?

While some experts recommend undertaking tire alignment as often as an oil change, it is salient to consider other factors as well. It helps to check your wheel alignment periodically in the aforementioned way but it shouldn’t be the only time you do. 

Your wheels could be knocked out of appropriate alignment by rough roads, potholes or the occasional hitting of a curb. These incidences have the potential to skew wheels causing your vehicle to pull to one side.This in turn leads to frequent correction of your steering position. In case you notice that your vehicle is pulling you in one direction or you keep amending the steering position, an alignment service could come in handy. 

Benefits Of Proper Wheel Alignment

Increased longevity for your tires: Uneven tires wear out faster,which causes them to have less grip on the road and thereby damaging them evenfurther. In order for your tires to last longer- as they are quite a size-able investment, it’s best to have them appropriately aligned. 

Smoother drives or rides: Wheels that have been knocked out of place will push you to keep adjusting your steering’s position to over compensate for poor alignment. This is because one notices that the vehicle is drifting to one side leading to a less than enjoyable drive or ride. 

Enhanced fuel efficiency: When your wheels are not properly aligned, they will fail to work together in the manner they ought to. This causes your engine to work harder towards thrusting your vehicle forward, leading to less fuel efficiency. 

Road Safety: There’s no telling how uncomfortable it feels for other road users as they pass by a vehicle with obviously misaligned wheels. This aforementioned discomfort comes with good reason. It is possible to get into serious trouble on the road, due to misaligned wheels. It poses danger to a vehicle’s occupants and other road users. 

Here at K&S Alfa Romeo of San Diego, our alignment services are conducted in a state-of-the-arts auto repair and service facility:

Computerized Tire Alignment Service

Tire Wear & Tire Condition Inspection

Front & Rear Steering Check

Camer, Caster & Toe Angles Inspection (If Needed)

Wheel Balancing (If Needed)

Additional Free Services:
1. Multipoint Visual Inspection
2. Interior and Exterior Lamp Inspection
3. Road Test
4. Hand Car Wash & Vacuum

Let K&S Alfa Romeo take care of tire alignment for you in a hassle-free and cost-effective manner. Call us today to make an appointment.

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